Best Neck Cream on the Market for Turkey Neck

Angela Davista April 12, 2013 0

What is the best neck cream on the market for turkey neck worth if you do not use it properly? There may be instructions on how you can use it but are you applying it in the right areas? When you say neck, you are not just referring to one small body part that does not need your attention. Your neck is a sensitive area that is prone to premature wrinkles. Here is how you can use to the fullest the neck cream that you bought.

Best Neck Cream for Turkey Neck

 Best Neck Cream for Sagging Skin: Application Style Matters

  • The first tip is to include the skin area beginning from the skin under your chin up to the bust line in your skin care routine. When neglected, these areas can sag and lead to the development of large wrinkles.
  • Do not just wash your face before bedtime. You should also wash your neck. The cleanser that you should use should have gentle properties and only a gentle scrub should be used for exfoliation.
  • Moisturizer and your best neck cream should be applied immediately after you showered or washed your face and neck. The skin is most accepting after you just showered or washed. Applying the cream and the moisturizer will keep your skin moisturized for a long time. Do not forget to pat your neck until it is dry. Wash your hands until they are clean so you can apply the lotion.
  • Make sure that you rub the cream in an upward motion. Stroking downward is like pulling down the skin and doing this can just lead to more wrinkles. Always remember to pull upward when you are applying your creams.
  • Make it a habit to apply the cream at least twice every day. You can apply more depending on the need. Most women just moisturize and apply creams when they wake up in the morning and before they go to bed at night. This is enough if you have normal skin. If you are dealing with a dry skin, moisturizing and applying cream more than once every day may be necessary.

Do not just focus all of your skin care routines on your face. You have to take care of your neck too. The wrinkles and the sagging of the skin that can be seen in your neck are signs and symptoms of aging. If you want your best neck cream to work its magic, be sure to apply it appropriately and follow the tips mentioned here so you can get a beautiful and graceful neck without surgery.

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